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Internship Opportunities


AHCC believes that all people have the right to counseling, regardless of their ability to pay. All people, with or without insurance, need help sometimes and should not be turned away because their particular insurance plan does not cover counseling. Without insurance, counseling can be very expensive, and everybody deserves to see an affordable, qualified counselor for life's troubles.

Prospective Counselors

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Our student counselors contribute the wealth of knowledge and experiences that makes Abiding Hope a place of comfort.  Student counselors are Masters-level students that provide quality counseling that is a blend of professional clinical skill and biblical truth.  Student counselors are directly supervised by the Clinical Director to ensure complete adherence to all regulatory requirements.

A simultaneous goal is to provide additional training and the required supervision of hours for counselors who are finishing their master's degrees and working toward licensure.  It is our intention to teach them to counsel from a Biblical perspective and enhance their counseling skills to effectively help clients meet their goals.

Internship Questionnaire

If you are interested in joining our team, click HERE to complete a short questionnaire. 

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