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Marriage & Family Therapy

Marriages and families can be complex and delicate structures that present a host of rewards and challenges.  When family stressors occur within a marriage, the unfortunate result more often than not can lead to divorce or separation.  Marriage and Family therapy canThis can be very beneficial and, in some cases, restore the marriage and build a stronger foundation. Alongside your therapist, you can begin a journey to re-establish effective communication and start the healing process.

Couple Meditating

Family Stressors

Is your family or marriage being stretched by any of these potential issues?

  • Adolescent drug abuse

  • Substance Abuse

  • Anxiety

  • Child-parent problems

  • Depression

  • Infidelity concerns

  • Marital distress - Intimacy concerns

Seeking the assistance of an LMFT for counseling can help you navigate the confusion, disappointments, frustration and lead you into a healthy life that’s best for both of you.  Give your family a fighting chance against these issues.  Allows our therapist to assist you today.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Families experience struggles and issues from time to time.  It is critical to identify the problem and find a solution that can restore the balance within the family.  Family therapy can help to not only define but rediscover the benefits of a sound family dynamic which include:  

Marriage and Family therapy can be helpful to the couple, as well as the children. If this is your time to consider starting marriage and family therapy, Abiding Hope is here to help.  Connect with one of our LMFTs or LPC to help breakdown the benefits of family counseling and what you can expect.

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