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Trauma Therapy

Almost everyone will experience a traumatic event at some point in their lives. Many people recover with time and support from loved ones. But others experience lasting effects and may continue to live with deep emotional pain, confusion, fear, or post-traumatic stress (PTSD) far after the event has passed.Trauma can range from social rejection to witnessing traumatic events, from the death of a loved one, to exposure to violence. 

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What to Watch For

Are you feeling or suffering from these potential symptoms?

  • Nightmares

  • Flashbacks

  • Anxiety

  • Panic Attacks

  • Self Harm

  • Depression

  • Shame

  • Feeling worthless

  • Irritability

There are many different ways trauma presents itself in your daily life. 

Benefits of Trauma Therapy

"While not all trauma survivors experience long-term negative consequences, we know that the experience of trauma can profoundly affect someone’s psychological, social, physical, occupational, and financial functioning."KELLY WORKMAN, PSYD

If you are unable to cope with the symptoms you’re experiencing, or if they are interfering with your ability to function on a day-to-day basis, trauma therapy can help.

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