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Couples Counseling

What are the expectations of couples counseling or therapy?  Couples counseling is more than just figuring out how to get along better, fighting less, or even better communication.  Couples counseling is focused on developing the necessary skills to actually create a relationship that is healthy enough to withstand any of the above mentioned issues.  Those skills include and are not limited to being an active listener: truly listening to what your partner has to say and give them the space to speak their mind; understanding how to be objective in heated moments, and learning how to discuss thoughts and feelings without destroying the invaluable foundation for a healthy relationship. 

Couple Meditating
Distanced Couple

Common Issues for Couples

  • Free time (where to eat, which movies to watch, etc.)

  • Money

  • Housework

  • Physical intimacy

  • Extended family obligations and issues

  • Children or being parents

  • Career

  • Snoring and other sleeping habits

  • Past relationships

Faith Based Counseling

Faith Based Christian marriage counseling incorporates faith and values into the marriage counseling process for a holistic spiritual approach. You will work alongside your counselor to develop productive ways to utilize your faith into your marriage as you seek to:

  • Rebuild Trust

  • Strengthen Intimacy

  • Manage Conflict

  • Improve Communication

Therapy Session
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